SBA 5.5

Statistical Blackjack Analyzer (SBA) 5.5 is an excellent blackjack simulator for advanced players. The system is extremely flexible, allows you to simulate virtually any set of blackjack rules, and has been used by professionals to provide simulation results for blackjack articles and research. It can generate indices for any card counting system down to a tenth of the true count, keep a side-sount of aces as well as a secondary count which can both be combined with the main count, and generate precise Kelly risk-averse indices.


The list of features offered by SBA 5.5 is extensive, but some of the highlights include the option to input any card counting system rules and SBA will calculate the indices for you with which you can then instantly run simulations. SBA 5.5 can also generate precise Kelly risk-averse indices, taking into account the possibility of increased risk rather than only maximizing expected profit, which could improve player performance by another 3% virtually free of additional effort. SBA 5.5 not only gives you the advantage but also the risk estimate at each true count. Wonging (entering the shoe on positive counts) and Wonging-out or Anti-Wonging (leaving the shoe at negative counts) options include entering/leaving according to true count as well as deck penetration, and adjusting bets to zero for certain true counts.

Advantages and Disadvantages

SBA offers a great flexibility and extensive menu of options that you can set manually to run a great variety of simulations. Simulations can be run simultaneously and at speeds of up to 500 million pairs of hands per minute. Unfortunately the full versions of SBA 5.0 and 5.5 are no longer available from, although you can still download the free trial version of SBA 5.5 there. SBA 5.5 only operates in Windows, though it can also be run (slower) on a Mac with a Windows emulator.