Casino Verite Blackjack

Casino Vérité offers a large amount of excellent blackjack software, including the extremely sophisticated and extensive Blackjack training program Casino Vérité Blackjack Version 5. This program has everything you could ever need to advance from a novice player to attaining the skills of a pro. You can practice playing and count cards in a realistic casino environment created with the help of great graphics. It includes a 24-lesson tutorial for the absolute beginner, 38 drills from simple to advanced levels, hundreds of customizable options, and much more.


The set of tools Casino Vérité Blackjack offers is the most extensive available in any training program. There are basic strategy and card counting tutorials, drills to train necessary skills such as assessing hands, but also chip counting and back-counting tables. Additional drills are created by tracking your errors by type of decision which can then be trained through flashcard drills. The cost of your errors is also calculated and logged and you can view these at any time. This also allows you to assess whether you need to go back and review some less complex material first if you see that your rate of errors is suddenly peaking. Ordinarily progress is slow for handling complex decisions, because they do not come up so frequently. This is why Casino Vérité Blackjack v5 has a deck bias function built in to force more difficult hands, thus speeding up your learning process. There is a library of specialty games such as Spanish 21, SuperFun21, Bust Out, etc., to which you can add your own side bets and bonusses. You can also customize up to 100 rule and play variations and combine these to simulate virtually any blackjack rule variation you could come across. Other great features include a dealer errors feature which allows you to track your ability to spot these often costly errors. Another nifty function is the casino heat algorithm which attempts to calculate the amount of attention your style of play is generating, a searchable database including over 700 casinos world wide, and a selection of numerous basic and card counting strategies including 400 stategy tables.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The sophistication of this blackjack software is unparalleled, and it’s many many features make it the most versatile blackjack software available. Check the Casino Vérité software webpage to read the full list of features, strategies, and games supported. There is a free demo version downloadable at the site, but this requires a fast internet connection. The full CVBJ v5 software costs $90 (R672) and is compatible with Win 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, 2000 and 2003. To run it on a Mac requires a Windows emulator.