Blackjack Counter

Blackjack Counter is a blackjack tool designed to train players to master basic strategy and learn card counting. It is an extended version of‘s Blackjack Mentor for Windows, Palm OS and Pocket PC with additional modes and card counting training.


The Blackjack Counter modes include the basic modes from Blackjack Mentor (Drill, Table, and Memorize) as well as the new Count and Index modes with which the parameters can be set.

  • Drill Mode – In this mode hands are generated and the player must choose the correct action. The player’s actions are recorded, and the program tends to quiz you on the ones you have previously gotten wrong to train away your weak points. When an incorrect action is chosen, the correct action is indicated for future reference
  • Table Modes – View the basic strategy plays and choose the selection of hands you wish to be tested on
  • Memorize Mode -Fill in a blank strategy table. A powerful tool to learn the strategy chart inside out
  • Count Mode – Specify card values, card counting system, and train yourself with a count-down drill
  • Index Mode – Specify system parameters such as bet ramp, index values, and run an index test

Balanced and unbalanced counts are supported, as are true and running counts, and fractional card values and indices.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Blackjack Counter is available for Windows, Palm OS, and Pocket PC. It runs in Windows 95, Windows 98, Win2000, WinNT 4.0, Windows Me, and WinXP (check for the full list of supported systems for all devices). The Windows version is fully compatible with the Palm version, but as with Blackjack Mentor, if you have bought one version you will still need to purchase the other version separately. There is a limited free shareware version available, which you can subsequently register to purchase the full version. The free version has the same basic functions, but the program will occasionally reset to default settings and display a registration reminder. Deepnettech is planning to bring out an iPhone version of Blackjack Counter mid-2010.