BJRM 2002

Blackjack Risk Manager (BJRM) 2002 is a program designed to help advantage players plan their attacks on land-based casinos. The program is incredibly extensive and covers just about every risk-related statistical calculation you can possibly analyze in advance of as well as after your trip or session. This software is an unmissable tool for the advantage player who is serious about making money from casino trips. Find out more about some of the extensive features of BJRM 2002 below.


You can get started coming to a full understanding of card counting systems with the Systems 101 feature. BJRM 2002 supports the card counting systems Hi-Lo, Revere Point Count, K-O, Halves, Zen UBZII, and AO2/A. Select the system you want to find out more about and card tags, basic attributes of the system, true count calculation, and indices will appear, along with recommendations for books and websites where you can find out more about this count. The One Second Simulator feature lets you input various styles of play, bet sizes and patterns. It will then calculate the effect of these on your bankroll and risk-of-ruin, and calculate the bet pattern that will maximize the growth of your bankroll. Copy this data into the Trip-Based Calculations feature and add information such as the amount of hours you want to play and the amount of hands you play per hour, and you can generate the statistics you need to plan your trip. When you return you can input your results for a Post-Trip Analysis. If you want a more long term analysis, however, you can also calculate “lifetime” risk-of-ruin statistics, or use the Take a Random Walk feature to view a respresentative overview of wins and losses to get a feel for the potential effects of standard deviation on your long term play.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the great advantages of BJRM 2002 is that it is such an extensive programs. The abovementioned features are just the tip of the iceberg. Head over to for more details on these features of Blackjack Risk Manager 2002. The software costs $80 (R585), which is a little more expensive than some of the other software reviewed here, but it is a powerful tool that contains just about every feature you will ever need to make complete risk-related statistical calculations.