Blackjack Simulators

Blackjack simulators are useful tools which you can use to compute the values of different sets of rules a casino may use (such as dealer stands on soft 17), and the player edge for these rule variations. You can test run a customized strategy, or run simulations for different card counting systems. Set different players, generate strategy index numbers, or simply use them to practice and train. If you are serious about your advantage play, a simulator is an indispensable tool.

Blackjack Counter

Blackjack Counter includes the standard modes included in Blackjack Mentor with new features of its own such as card counting drills and index tests. Read the full review.

Blackjack Risk Manager (BJRM) 2002

BJRM 2002 enables players to make every risk-related statistical calculation necessary to plan their next attack on land-based casinos. Read the full review.

Casino Verite Blackjack

The most sophisticated blackjack simulation and training software available, with great graphics, hundreds of customizable options, drils, tutorials, and much more. Read the full review.

Proficient Blackjack 3.0

A great blackjack simulator. Practice and train at a realistically simulated blackjack table, run simulations for strategies and counts, and much more. Read the full review.

Statistical Blackjack Analyzer 5.5

An extensive and extremely flexible blackjack simulator for advanced players. SBA 5.5 comes with a large selection of unique features and has been used by professionals for blackjack articles and research. Read the full review.