Blackjack Revenge

In Blackjack it sometimes happens that you’re dealt a 19 or a 20 that the dealer is unlikely to beat, your eyes are already on the chips about to come your way… then it turns out the dealer has blackjack, or the dealer draws blackjack while you were sure hitting would result in dealer bust. It can be pretty frustrating when that happens, so Amplified Games Inc. has come up with a blackjack game where, while you can’t prevent dealer blackjack, you can take revenge for it. Because in Blackjack Revenge, every time the dealer is dealt or draws blackjack against your hand of 19 or 20 you save up a REVENGE letter. The next time you get blackjack your payout will be multiplied by the number of REVENGE letters you’ve saved up to really hang the dealer out to dry for ruining all those good hands. It’s a pretty entertaining game, with just that extra bit of glee for those of a vengeful disposition.


Aside from the REVENGE bonus the game has a couple of other bonuses and neat features. For instance, players new to blackjack and basic strategy can use the Ask The Dealer function to get hints on when it’s best to hit, stand (“stay”), double down, split, or surrender. There is also a chat function you can access by signing up for a Juju Play Community account, which allows you to chat with other players during the game. You can play multiple hands and split up to seven hands at once. The best feature, however, takes into account that often people play games on their iPhone or iPod Touch to kill time on public transport or when waiting around for something or someone. You can quit Blackjack Revenge at any moment, just save your scores and the next time you resume the game you can jump right back in where you left off.

You can download Blackjack Revenge at the iTunes Store.