Blackjack Mentor

Blackjack Mentor is an excellent tool for learning basic strategy whenever and wherever you want. It provides a far more entertaining way to commit basic strategy to memory than poring over a blackjack chart, and runs in six different modes designed to cover all aspects of mastering blackjack play with perfect basic strategy.


The six modes are as follows.

  • Help Mode – A help menu, overview of blackjack rules and introduction to card counting. This user manual will help you get started right away
  • Drill Mode – This mode shows you different blackjack hands and records the choices you’ve made. When you make an incorrect choice a dialog box appears that displays the section of the strategy chart showing the action that you should have taken. It keeps tabs of your decisions and tests you especially on the ones you tend to get wrong
  • Table Mode – This mode displays all the categories of plays, so that you can select the groups of hands you want specifically to be tested on
  • Memorize Mode – In this mode you have to fill in the correct actions in a blank strategy table. This is a really powerful tool for memorizing the chart front to back
  • Rules Mode – Choose between different sets of blackjack rules. The correct table will be generated for you, which you can then begin to commit to memory
  • Action Mode – Create your own table of actions

The latest version includes Speed Count OBS action tables and a total of 144 action tables for all supported rule variations. You can download Blackjack Mentor at the iTunes Store Blackjack Mentor is also available in a full registered version as well as a limited free shareware version for Palm OS, Windows and Pocket PC via