21 Pro Blackjack

21 Pro: Blackjack, put out by Avalinx Studios, brings better, high-resolution graphics and authentic game play to your game than your average blackjack app. The tables you can select to play look pretty good already, but you can still customize the table’s colour and that of the deck of cards. As you can see, the graphics on this app are in a different class altogether from many other blackjack apps. No bright and cartoonish colours and jingles here. But the best part of this app are its extensive features and options.


Aside from the game of blackjack, 21 Pro also offers you a brief overview of blackjack history, and a list of basic blackjack terms and variations as an extra. There is also an overview of the rules for the novice player, and the Ask The Dealer function allows players to receive hints about how best to play hands they are uncertain about. The game features a basic strategy chart you can consult and study, and you can choose to have the KO Count and Hi-Lo Count displayed on screen during the game. You can split up to three times, but you can also configure the rules of the game by enabling or disabling various options in the rule menu to make the rules conform to how the game is played in the casinos you frequent.

You can download 21 Pro: Blackjack at the iTunes Store.