Blackjack Sniper 1.0

Blackjack Sniper is a blackjack training application/card counting program that runs in many Windows Operation systems. It is designed to allow you to make the best decisions and count cards while playing blackjack at an online casino live table (in regular online blackjack the deck is reshuffled after every round and there is not much point in counting cards other than for practice…). Blackjack Sniper will remain above the browser in which the actual blackjack game is taking place even while you click on that browser, so that you can view both screens at the same time. The software allows you to fill in the dealer’s cards as well as multiple player hands. It will then calculate whether to hit, double or stand on the basis of what cards have been dealt so far, and it will calculate when to raise or lower your wagers.


There are several useful features such as the order of the hands which you can adjust to any order you want, so whether the casino deals clockwise or anti-clockwise is far less likely to confuse and mess up your hands. You can also set a win limit and a time limit so that when you have won a certain amount of money or have been playing for a certain amount of time Blackjack Sniper will remind you to quit. Blackjack Sniper can be downloaded at where it costs $40 (approx. R310), but you can also download the trial version for free to see whether it is worth the investment. Inj this version you can play for 60 minutes or 20 hands, whichever you run out of faster.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Perks of the software are that you can test it before spending money on it, by allowing you to set limits it helps you manage risks, and the website offers video tutorials to learn more about how to use the software. Downsides are that the demo is limited in that a number of the advanced options that come with the full version are not available for testing in the demo, and using card counting devices may possibly be considered illegal in some jurisdictions.