Blackjack Radar

Blackjack Radar is designed to help blackjack players playing online blackjack to make the right decisions no matter what casino they are visiting. You can set the rules you happen to be playing by manually, so the tool is very flexible. Because the blackjack rules handled by different online casinos are not always clearly listed, Blackjack Radar has developed different strategy charts for various popular webcasinos and the rule variations they handle and blackjack variations they offer. Select your casino and the game you are playing, and a strategy chart will be generated for you.


The charts are easy to read, and Blackjack Radar appears as a small sidebar you can bring over to the side of your browser window while playing. Input your hand and the dealer’s face-up card and the optimal action will be highlighted in the chart while also appearing in the box above (with notes where necessary). The generated strategy is based on BJ21 statistics. Next to the different charts, Blackjack Radar also displays the various promotions and bonus offers currently available at the different casinos listed in its menu. It also keeps you up to date on various online blackjack tournaments, and other casino games.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the great advantages of this software is that it is freeware, and so you can download the full version of this calculator for free. It runs in Windows, WinNT, Vista and XP, and can be run online and offline. You can use it to play at webcasinos, but you can also just use it to learn basic strategy and how to master using strategy charts.