Blackjack Calculators

An indispensable tool to improve your blackjack game is a blackjack calculator. Calculators help you count the cards which have been played at a table. As you know from card counting, keeping a count of these cards generates very important information for finding out whether the deck is in your favor or not. But… it is very important that you count all the cards in the right way, and that can be rather difficult with the more elaborate card counting systems. Luckily, Blackjack Calculators are here to help you, and we sorted through the best ones.

Blackjack Iphone App

The Blackjack Iphone App is a card counting application for your iPhone which can be used in stealth mode. Since it is a card counting device it is considered illegal in most casinos. Read the full review.

Blackjack Radar

Casino21 Blackjack Strategies Calculator, Blackjack Radar, is a system that will generate the right strategy charts for different blackjack games at various popular webcasinos. Read the full review.

Blackjack Sniper 1.0

Blackjack Sniper is a tool which runs in Windows and allows you to count cards at online casinos with live tables. Since it is card counting software using this could potentially be illegal. Read the full review.