Virtual Compromise

Virtual Blackjack

Florida racinos (racing tracks & casinos) seem to have made some headway regarding blackjack. With the heavy restrictions on competing casinos offering table games in many geographical regions of the state, the Seminole Tribe of Florida enjoys considerable exclusivity as far as blackjack is concerned. However, competing casinos have now received state approval to offer a virtual blackjack game.

Creative manoeuvres

These blackjack machines consist of a terminal that seats five players. They are presented with a computerized dealer who presents the players with the options to hit, stand, or double down. The minimum bet would be set at $5, and these machines can sure eat up a bankroll. But why have they been approved while live blackjack has not? Because the game works with random number generators and these – You guessed it! – are classed as slot machines. Florida casinos are hoping these machines will combat disappointing revenues, but Florida card counters less likely to pin their hopes on these machines, since they do not disclose when new decks are introduced

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