ViG Launches Live Blackjack Early Payout 2.0

Live online blackjack is an immensely popular live dealer table game, so that players must often vie for seats. Operators can open costly dedicated tables, or raise table limits to reduce the numbers of players the game appeals to, but this is no ideal situation for either casinos of lower-stakes online blackjack players. Visionary iGaming has now launched a live online blackjack game that can accomodate infinite players at a single table.

Additionally Live Blackjack Early Payout Version 2.0 does this by playing basic strategy blackjack, so that at every stage of the hand a player gets the option to continue playing with basic strategy or select an early payout, which is similar to surrender (the hand is still dealt per basic strategy so that the player can see whether they made the right decision). ViG describes the game as offering other options to the player as well, such as a new side bets. Playing by flawless basic strategy can be fun to the novice player, but for a more experienced advantage player the limited options of such a game are far less appealing.

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