Venetian and Palazzo introduce 6-to-5 payouts

Venetian and Palazzo's new 6-to-5 payout rule reports that the Las Vegas Sands company has put through the extremely unfavourable 6-to-5 payout rule at the Venetian and Palazzo casinos. As mentioned before, replacing the standard 3-to-2 payout for a natural blackjack with a 6-to-5 payout greatly damages a player’s chances of walking out with a profit.

The reduction in payout may at first glance seem slight when calculated over an isolated wager, but add into the equation that a natural blackjack is not such an uncommon occurrence over a larger number of hands (around 1 in 20), and the fact that even a skilled player’s edge over the house is a subtle thing to start with, and if becomes clear why you should be looking elsewhere if you’re looking to win.

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