Tom Donovan Case Continues

After card counter Thomas Donovan was banned from the Grand Victoria Casino in Indiana, USA, he filed a case against the casino which the casino won. Donovan then filed an appeal and the court ruled that since there is nothing in the state’s gambling laws that defines card counting as illegal, the casino had no right to ban Donovan for playing blackjack and winning money from the casino only by using his skills as an advantage player.

It is no surprise that the Grand Victoria did not agree with the decision of the Court of Appeals. The casino has now taken the case to the Indiana Supreme Court. As the case stands now, the Indiana Gaming Commision is refusing to pick sides, stating simply that they will respect the authority of the courts to make these kinds of decisions. One Supreme Court Justice has, however, been recorded as saying that casinos cannot offer games in which skill plays a part and then deny skilled players the right to play. The outcome of this case will determine whether or not casinos have the right to banish card counters in the state of Indiana.

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