Sun International Opens Casino in Nigeria

Federal Palace Hotel

South African resort hotel chain Sun International opens a new casino in Lagos, Nigeria. The casino dominates the ground floor of the Federal Palace Hotel and is open 24/7. But Sun International claims this is only the first step of the company’s plans for the Federal Palace complex.

The casino offers both slot machines and table games including Amercian Roulette, Raise ’em Poker, and Blackjack. Sun International pioneered the Smart Card in South Africa, and their Federal Palace Hotel casino makes use of the same technology. Cash is loaded into the slot machines, and winnings transferred to the Smart Card. All slots and games operate on US dollars, and naira can be exchanged at the cash desk for dollar notes.

Chips for the table games can also be purchased at the cash desk, or at the tables using the Smart Card. Their blackjack bets range between 5 USD (38 Rand), 10 USD (75 Rand), and 25 USD (189 Rand).

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