Seminole Live Blackjack Not Quite at an End

Seminole Blackjack Deal Over?

The exclusivity that Seminole casinos in Florida, USA, enjoyed up till recently where table games such as blackjack is concerned – so that Florida racinos (racing tracks & casinos) had to opt for the compromise of virtual blackjack if they wanted to offer blackjack at all – is at an end. Or is it?

Florida’s state Supreme Court ditched the 25-year deal the sovereign Seminole tribe signed with Governor Charles Crist in 2007 which ensured them exclusive rights to offer live blackjack. Even though the addition of new blackjack tables has currently been halted, the Seminole tribe argues that since federal approval has already been given to their existing blackjack tables, they do not need state approval to continue offering the game. Unless federal authorities step in, the tribal casinos will continue to host live blackjack despite state rule, and federal action does not appear to be forthcoming…

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