Robin Hood is Back

Robin Hood 702 is Back

If you consider advantage blackjack an instance of taking from the rich and giving to those who need it more, the anonymous “Robin Hood 702” is back this year to illustrate the simile in a more mainstream-accessible way.

“Are you buried in bills? About to lose your home? On the brink of financial ruin? If so, this could be your big break”, the apparently expert blackjack player writes on his website. The idea is to post a video or photo message at explaining why and how severely you are in debt, and the modern day Robin Hood will select two families to help out financially… through playing blackjack.

He will take the families to Las Vegas and treat them to the high-roller life, booking a high-roller suite, tickets to the best shows, and spa appointments. They will then witness the expert at work as he hits the tables to make the money that will relieve their debts. Robin Hood guarantees to pay off at least half of all of the families’ outstanding bills no matter what happens at the table, but there is also the opportunity to win a lot more: After playing the casino, Robin Hood 702 will then play blackjack against the families. If they lose they receive half the amount, but if they win from him, they will win the entire amount. Last year Robin Hood 702 helped relieve a family who went into severe debt treating their child’s brain cancer, sending them home $35K (R264K) richer. This year he is able to extend his project by helping two families out of debt through the sponsorship of Dr Richard Schulze, who is willing to match his friend the gentleman gambler’s contibution, although shying away from the blackjack tables himself.

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