Robin Hood 702 Heads for Australia

American philanthropic blackjack pro Robin Hood 702, who gambles against the house and gives to people in need, is headed for Australia to challenge the casinos and give away his winnings to a family who could use his help.

Here’s how it works: People can nominate a person or family who are in need of financial support on The individual or family might be people who, for instance, have run into debt because of illness, or people who dedicate much of their time and effort to help others. From the videos and written entries Robin Hood 702 then selects a winner, whom he will fly to the casino he intends to play.

While Robin Hood’s guests then get to enjoy the luxuries of the casino, Robin Hood heads for the tables to play high stakes blackjack for them. If he wins, which he usually does, he gives the winnings to the family or individual. In the rare event he loses, he will still contribute towards paying off the family’s debts, medical bills, etc.

So far this Robin Hood has already given away more than $1 million in gambling winnings, and is expanding his field of charity gambling to Australia, asking Australians to nominate an individual or family he can play on behalf of.

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