Robin Hood 702 After Robber

Philanthropic gambler Robin Hood 702, who wins money for families in need by playing blackjack, is back. This time not offering to win money for those who have contacted him via his website, but offering money in the form of a $50.000 (~R340.000) reward to apprehend a robber.

On the 14th of December the Bellagio in Las Vegas was robbed of $1.5 million (~R10.2 million) in chips. Though it may be odd to see a gambler put a bounty on the head of a casino robber, Robin Hood 702 explains that his philanthropic gambling exploits are dependent on a safe casino environment. He is eager to prevent the same robber or a copycat from robbing another Vegas casino.

Moreover, many professional gamblers stash high denomination chips in order to dodge the IRS. If the Bellagio or any other Vegas casino were to change their chips, those people would be duped.

Robin Hood 702 also expressed a hope that other casinos will chip in to raise the bounty.

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