Playboy Casino comes to London

Recently, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner announced that Playboy will be opening a casino in London. This will be a return to London for the Playboy Club after a three decade absence. The original London Playboy club opened in 1966 catering to celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, John Cleese, Muhammad Ali, Roger Moore and Sean Connery. It was closed in 1981 however, after a police raid, and the Playboy returned their focus on publishing their flagship Playboy Magazine.

Now the Playboy Club is coming back to London in a swank Mayfair location. It will integrate the club aspect with gambling, bringing in table games such as blackjack and roulette, and of course the return of the Playboy Bunnies in London serving drinks and working as croupiers. However, it will be an exclusive members-only club, so only a select clientele will be able to enjoy the entertainment the new Playboy Club will bring to London.

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