Paid to Lose for a 10% Commission

Getting paid to lose at poker and blackjack? This is exactly what South Korean social gamblers called moneymen do. Player play against one another for virtual currency, but there is a legal limit to the amount of virtual game credit a player can buy in South Korea. Selling points to another player is forbidden, but for those who want to gamble more than the permitted 300,000 Won (~R2,390) a month, that’s where the moneymen come in.

Moneymen play poker and blackjack with the aim of losing. Their points are then transferred to the winner, who reimburses their losses with an added 10% commission. For all that this is not legally permitted either, there are enough tutorials online detailing how to become a moneyman and social gambling sites make a nice enough revenue not to pry too much into the matter of bad luck or intentions.

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