Online Casinos Enjoy Snowstorms

Numerous regions worldwide have been hit by snowstorms the past couple of weeks and have been coping with more than the usual amount of snowfall. This had seriously effected people’s Christmas and New Year’s plans, especially in regions not accustomed to seeing much snow in winter. While “Let It Snow” jingled merrily out of every speaker, millions of people found themselves stranded at airports with their flights delayed and cancelled, roads inaccessible (and likely a strong urge to flip the finger at the closest loudspeaker).

Usually the winter holidays are a cool-down period for online casinos. With their customer-base world wide spending holidays with their families, online gambling games are usually left on the sidelines to await the end of the holidays. Not so this year. With people snowed in at home many a revised Christmas plan included spending considerable time playing casino games such as blackjack online. 20 online casinos entered in a survey and some reported increase averages as high as 60% in the areas affected by the snowstorms. Offline casinos even lost numerous customers to their online competitors these past weeks, since, with the weather being what it is, potential customers where more eager to bring the casino to their homes than hit the slippery and snowed over roads to visit one.

However everyone else may be faring, 2010 has gotten off to a good start for online casinos.

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