Modern Approach Doesn’t Include Blackjack

The economic crisis has led to a shift in the US states which do and don’t allow gambling and table games. In a push to create new jobs, Maryland has joined those states who have legalized gambling and opened its first casino at the end of last month.

Voters expressed their desire to modernize the state’s approach to gambling. However, that modern approach does not include blackjack and other table games. “I don’t believe people want our state to be a casino state,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “I think they approved slots at five locations in order to keep some of those Maryland dollars in Maryland.” So slots, but no blackjack.

There may be some point in this. Gambling state Las Vegas is already seeing the consequences of neighbouring state California legalizing blackjack and slots in their casinos. Close enough soon becomes far when the competition comes that much closer to home. However, the increasing amount of online gambling is also a factor in Las Vegas gambling revenue dropping.

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