LO BO Reverse

LO BO Reverse Blackjack

The Las Vegas-based table games developer and distributer Gaming Entertainment Inc. introduced a new variation on Blackjack during the 2009 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) last month: LO BO Reverse Blackjack. This game is blackjack with an unusual reversal to the usual rules. The objective is to score a lower total card count than the dealer, without going bust. And oh, the key number here is 12, not 21. The bust hand is thus 13 or over.

All ten-value cards are removed from the deck. Each player is dealt two cards face up. As with regular blackjack, the player can hit, split, stand, or double. The dealer must stand at 5 or lower. If the total card value of the dealer’s hand exceeds 5, he draws another card and uses the lowest two.

Since the objective is to score lower than the dealer, the most advantageous hand is a pair of aces. These cannot be split, but result in a 2:1 payout.

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