Greeting the First Table Games

The big buzz in the US state Pennsylvania has been the recent legalization of table games, and while most casinos are only opening up their new table games section later this summer, the Mohegan Sun already opened up for an 8-hour test drive on Tuesday. Though the enthusiasm for using games of chance to boost the economy may wane in the long run, the new table games were at any rate met by an eager crowd earlier this week.

One of several casinos introducing live table games into their offer, Mohegan Sun offers 62 new tables. With 2 roulette tables, 2 craps tables, 2 mini-baccarat tables, 2 three-card poker tables, 16 poker tables, and the remainer made up by blackjack tables, it’s clear which game is still the most popular.

It was also hard to lose a lot on Tuesday. Not only because max stakes were set to 5 dollars (~R38), but because a whole lot of prizes were being given away during the inaugral games along with a lot of free drinks. A number of visitors had won the chance to play an inaugral game for big prizes. This promotion resulted in many big winners, but two came out on top: One won $25000 (~R189000) and the other, a 64 year-old grandmother, won a new Mercedes with an inaugral hand totalling 19.

In the coming weeks the max stakes will be pushed up, of course, and the free drinks will disappear, but for now Pennsylvania seems pretty thrilled. In the coming month 20 more tables will be added to the current offer at the Mohegan Sun, and other casinos are to follow suit soon.

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