Computer Combats Card Counting


Whereas casino security may not be able to recognize an experienced card counter, a new computer program just might. Kris Zutis, a final year student at the University of Dundee, has developed a computer program that can identify dealer errors and card counters. Since blackjack strategy is based on the assumption that a dealer will make certain decisions we might be pleased about the former, but the latter fails to kindle our enthusiasm. Zutis’ program uses visual recognition techniques to determine what cards have been dealt and what bets have been placed. Though fumbling, frantic eye-rolling and mouthing numbers will do it for your regular CCTV, this Card Counting TV uses complex algorithms to track the game and players’ betting patterns. By processing what cards have been seen and what betting decisions the player is making, this program may be able to identify even the smoothest of card counters.


At the moment Zutis is working on making his program commercially viable. Other card counter identifying programs already exist, but these require more expensive hardware. Of course, if the program is implemented in casinos that can afford it, card counters are likely to find new strategies to avoid being caught. However, the program’s implementation is still some way off, and for now you can continue to strike where and when you can.
All of this is geared toward offline casinos, though. It looks like online casinos will remain rich hunting grounds for card counters for some while yet.

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