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New Blackjack History Section Up: Modern History

Today we've added another page of blackjack history to our Blackjack History section. This page is on the modern history of blackjack, from 1950 to 1970. This is the period in which basic strategy was mathematically developed, and Edward Thorp published the book that would change casino blackjack forever.

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New Blackjack History Section Up

We've been working hard on developing a brand new blackjack history section at, and today we're proud to announce the first section out of three is finally online. Click here to read more about the early history of blackjack, the origins of blackjack from the mid-15th to the 19th century.

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Mike Aponte

Today we've added a new page to our blackjack professionals page. Our latest pro blackjack player profile is on Mike Aponte, also known as MIT Mike, one of the MIT blackjack team's most successful big players. Though barred from most casinos, Aponte is still as involved with blackjack as ever.

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Darryl Purpose

Today we've added a new page to our professional blackjack players section, on blackjack pro Darryl Purpose. Darryl Purpose is a songwriter, musician and performer, as well as an anti-war activist, but back in the 80s he was a member of Ken Uston's blackjack team and the fastest counter in Vegas and Atlantic City.

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Tommy Hyland

Today we've added a new page on Blackjack Hall of Fame member Tommy Hyland to our Blackjack Professionals section. Tommy Hyland is a successful advantage player and his blackjack team is renowned for its unusual longevity and the profits the team has made.

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iPhone and iPod Touch Blackjack

Today we've added a new section to our Blackjack Tools page where reviews of the best iPhone and iPod Touch Blackjack games will be reviewed. The first three reviews available on this page are on the apps 21 Pro: Blackjack, Blackjack 21, and Blackjack Revenge. Check it out.

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The Hot Shoe

Today we've added a new review to our blackjack movies section. Our latest movie review covers David Layton's mainstream oriented card counting documentary The Hot Shoe, in which Layton interviews various pros and experts and tries a card counting experiment of his own.

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The Big Book of Blackjack

Today we've added a new review to our blackjack books section, on Arnold Snyder's excellent work The Big Book of Blackjack which we recommend especially for its extremely good blackjack history section.

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Blackjack Calculators

Calculator Section Opened

Today we've added a new section to On our blackjack calculators page we will continue to post new reviews of all kinds of blackjack calculators. Our first review takes a closer look at the iPhone Blackjack Application that has caused iPhones to be banned from many offline casinos.

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New Section Up and More…

New Section Up has been expanded today through the launch of our new Professionals section, a growing database with background information on professional blackjack players. Check out this new section and our latest book review.

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