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Mike Aponte

Today we've added a new page to our blackjack professionals page. Our latest pro blackjack player profile is on Mike Aponte, also known as MIT Mike, one of the MIT blackjack team's most successful big players. Though barred from most casinos, Aponte is still as involved with blackjack as ever.

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Darryl Purpose

Today we've added a new page to our professional blackjack players section, on blackjack pro Darryl Purpose. Darryl Purpose is a songwriter, musician and performer, as well as an anti-war activist, but back in the 80s he was a member of Ken Uston's blackjack team and the fastest counter in Vegas and Atlantic City.

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Tommy Hyland

Today we've added a new page on Blackjack Hall of Fame member Tommy Hyland to our Blackjack Professionals section. Tommy Hyland is a successful advantage player and his blackjack team is renowned for its unusual longevity and the profits the team has made.

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New Section Up and More…

New Section Up has been expanded today through the launch of our new Professionals section, a growing database with background information on professional blackjack players. Check out this new section and our latest book review.

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Matt Damon: George Clooney sucks at blackjack

George Clooney

Although George Clooney seems to have it all (good looks, money, a successful acting career and success with the ladies), he does seem to have one flaw: the man can't gamble. One of his best friends, Matt Damon, claims the following: "George is a loser. We were in Vegas and he was like, 'I have never won anything in my life gambling.'"

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Sammy Farha wins 5.5 million Rand blackjack tournament


Sammy Farha, generally know for his poker playing skills, has won a 5.5 million Rand ($750.000) blackjack tournament in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The tournament was a so-called freeroll: no buy in was necessary. It's a way for the casino's to show their appreciation to the High-rollers that frequently visit the casinos.

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