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The Hot Shoe

Today we've added a new review to our blackjack movies section. Our latest movie review covers David Layton's mainstream oriented card counting documentary The Hot Shoe, in which Layton interviews various pros and experts and tries a card counting experiment of his own.

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Movie review: Croupier


There's a new movie review up in our Blackjack Movies section. Croupier (1998) is a quiet crime film with a noir feel to it. A writer who takes up a job as a croupier becomes deeply fascinated with the workings of the seedy London casino.

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Review: 21 the movie

This movie attracted lots of attention and got quite some people interested in card counting. The movie tells the amazing story of the MIT Blackjackteam, who beat the dealer over and over again. These students mastered their card counting systems through practice and made millions. The movie really brings the story to life.

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