Cape Town BJ Rookie in Search of Team

Today we’d like to share a broadcast from a Cape Town blackjack player who contacted us. She’s fluent in KO and Hi-Lo and is looking for fellow players and a blackjack team to train with and work in the field alongside. We’ve included this blackjack player’s own personal message below, in which she mentions her history with blackjack and advantage play, and explains her motivations. We hope that some our readers will be able to point her in the right direction. You can contact her at .

Eight years ago, my Astrophysics professor approached with me a curious proposition: He was starting a Blackjack team and he had chosen me to join. He began his pitch on the topic of money, catching my full attention as I was desperately trying to cover the next year’s tuition. He then continued by arguing that since I had the mathematical mind for it, I might as well put it to the best use possible. I couldn’t disagree with him on that point, but after thoughtful consideration, I turned down his offer. At this time my primary focus was on competitive swimming and my undergraduate degree, and I didn’t feel I had any time or energy for gambling.

However, his proposal had planted a seed in me, and I never lost curiosity for the inner workings of Blackjack and counting. So, after meeting another aspiring Blackjack player whilst travelling abroad earlier this year, I decided to finally do my research and learn all I could about Blackjack.

It did not take long before I’d realised what all the fuss was about. This was more than a game. It was a methodic and strategic organisation of laws and predictions. I loved it – I could not get enough of the mathematics behind the statistics, nor of the application of basic strategy and counts. Hours were spent everyday developing my own formulas to determine the probability of various circumstances, and then I would apply those and others I’d learned from the writings of pros to a computer simulator game. I diligently studied Hi-Lo and KO until I felt I’d obtained fluency in each. What’s more, I found I had a natural talent for it, and, just as my professor had argued that day years ago, it was a talent that should not go to waste.

When I learned I had been accepted to postgraduate studies at University of Cape Town beginning in January of 2011, I decided I was going to search for fellow players, perhaps even a team leader, who would continue training and eventually apply these skills to the field with me. I have, for the past few weeks, been searching online for anyone in South Africa who could point me in the right direction. This article I’ve been kindly allowed to write might just be my key to starting a new profession. I have at least two years in Cape Town, and I would love to make it as grand and lucrative an adventure as possible.

If you are able to help in any way at all, I ask that you contact me at Thank you in advance!

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