Blackjack on the Rocks

Blackjack players who prefer to keep cool at the tables should head over to Calgary, Canada, where they will find a casino custom made to their needs at the St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino. The casino resort has hired master carvers specialized in ice sculptures to carve a solid ice blackjack table and bar in a special courtyard between the hotel and the casino. The ice casino took 32 hours to sculpt, and it is estimated that it will last until March. The ice casino is a creative winter publicity stunt, and so far it has already attracted various curious players along with resort guests who just wish to have their picture taken at the ice bar. Whether playing blackjack on a solid slab of ice is truly comfortable and conducive to the concentration required for advantage play is your guess as well as ours, but rest assured your drinks will be as cold as you could ever wish them to be.

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