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Calculator Section Opened

Today we’ve opened a new section on Take a look at our new blackjack calculators page if you want to compare or look into finding a good blackjack calculator to improve your game. We will continue to expand this section with more calculator reviews.

Our first calculator review is of the iPhone Blackjack App. This handy application can be displayed on the screen, or switched to stealth mode. In this mode the screen switches off, and if you know where the keys are you can input information without looking. The phone will then vibrate when it calculates when opportunities to place more aggressive bets arise. Of course it hasn’t taken many casinos long to stop the use of this app and ban the iPhone from the premises altogether. The app is certainly threatening enough to casinos to make any player who keeps a hand in their pocket look suspicious. Using a device to calculate odds is illegal in most offline casinos, and the consequences of being caught with such a device are even far more severe than getting caught card counting. However, you can still have fun with this application practicing card counting at home.

Check out the iPhone Blackjack App in our new blackjack calculators section.

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