Arm of the Law Overreaches at Blackjack Table

Parx Casino in Pennsylvania, America, has already made various busts since they introduced table games in July earlier this year, but the latest newsworthy bust was a first. According to casino officials suspicious behaviour drew their attention to 56-year old blackjack player John Gallagher. State Police released the statement that casino staff saw Gallagher slip a device out of his trousers and tried to conceal it in his sleeve, and that this object was later identified by the police as a card counting device.

This is itself is, of course, not unusual, but it soon became clear that Gallagher is a cop. Or at least was. After the bust on Monday, Gallagher suddenly retired from the Philadelphia police force after 32 years. On Wednesday Philadelphia police became aware of Gallagher’s situation and launched an investigation.

Parx Casino has not yet pressed charges.

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