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The Beast of Blackjack Strikes Again

Don Johnson, the "Beast of Blackjack" returned to Atlantic City to relieve the Tropicana Casino of another $2 million (~R16,7 million) by playing high stakes blackjack. Johnson himself commented on his newest big win "I went back in and did very well."

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Lucky Beginner Wins Half a Million

Recently a beginner card counter won well over half a million dollars playing blackjack at the Presque Isle Casino in Erie Pennsylvania. This high-stakes blackjack player, estimated to be in his early twenties, is known in the US online blackjack community as Lucky Lenny.

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Casino Scam that Netted $7 Million

Surveillance tape from a San Diego casino catches an elaborate casino blackjack scam lead by Pai Gow John in action. Check out the video to see the scam at work using hidden microphones, a blackjack computer, and fake shuffles.

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Harrah’s Pool to Gain Blackjack Tables

It's been confirmed: Harrah's is keeping up with the trend. The Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) has approved the proposed plans and Harrah's pool, already doubling as a nightclub, is soon to be equipped with six blackjack tables.

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