60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack

60 Minutes

60 Minutes to Winning Blackjack is the DVD included in the Blackjack Institute’s Blackjack Winning Strategy box set, though it also comes by itself. The material on this DVD is presented by members of the MIT Blackjack Team, including Mike Aponte. The material covered in the DVD is mostly oriented towards beginning advantage players. It starts out with the very basics and then moves up to card counting strategies.

For those players who have read a number of blackjack books already this DVD may not have much new information to offer you, but if you are a player who is trying to advance in card counting but is put off by blackjack books or left confused by conflicting blackjack texts this DVD will likely be of use to you. All the material in presented by the experts in a very accessible way (although you can always rewind if you feel you need to hear a particular explanation again). The DVD is well organized and guides you through the basics of card counting in a way that is easy to follow. The most valuable part of 60 Minutes is the interactive practice section. Here you will find exercises to help you count the cards you are dealt on the screen and to apply the theory you just learned. And you’ll be learning it from the team popularized in Bringing Down the House and 21.

Of course, though the DVD takes only about 60 minutes to watch you will need to put in a lot more practice than that to get it all down, but the interactive practice is a good start.