Bill Haywood’s The Schrewd Player’s Guide to Internet Gambling is probably still the authoritative text on how to make money through internet gambling. Some of the sources are fairly dated (most hail from 1999 and 2000; the book was published in May, 2000), but for those looking to make money off online casinos this book remains a must-read.

The book is surprisingly honest about the risks, difficulties and pitfalls involved in exploiting web casinos. Haywood even provides a sample of diary entries showing details for a couple of day’s worth of gambling, just so that you can assess whether you still consider the effort worth your time. Playing online casinos for profit is no easy money, and Haywood is very clear about that. It takes so much more than just signing up and cashing in on the bonuses at the right moment. This book will tell you what gaming, administrative and legal strategies you will need to make a profit off internet gambling.

Haywood explains how to spot unreliable web casinos, what games to play (which includes blackjack, of course) and how to play them, what to bet and how to adapt your bets. He writes realistically about what necessary losses you need to take into account and how to offset them through bonuses. And as for accounts, this book provides great insights on how to keep yours in order, and what records you need to dispute payment claims, including a section on how to efficiently handle these and other types of disputes.

If you are thinking of trying to play online casinos for profits, read this book first.