Blackjack Tips

We love to give you tips on how to play your best game of Blackjack.

Blackjack tip nr 1 : Live by Basic Strategy.

Be smart. Do not ruin your chances of winning by acting on impulse. Use the power of mathematics to strengthen your game. Learn the basic strategy tables by heart and use them always. Don’t hit because you ‘feel’ something is going to happen. Instead, focus and stick to basic strategy with rigorous discipline. This tip alone can dramatically increase your chances of winning in Blackjack.
blackjack tips

Blackjack tip nr 2 : Manage your money.

Even when you have a significant edge over the house, it can still happen that you lose your bets a substantial number of  times in a row. It is crucial that such a setback is temporary and does not deplete your supply of money to play with. You will only be able stay in the game and pull through a period with many losses when you manage you money well, and only then will you be able to capitalize on the positive expected value of your gameplay in the long run. Do not play over your bankroll, this way you can still recover when faced with temporary losses.

Blackjack tip nr 3 : Never take insurance.

Only in special cases and with advanced card counters can taking insurance on your bets make sense. In all other situations taking insurance is basically a side bet on whether the dealer has blackjack. This is a side bet with very bad odds. In the long run you lose money on taking insurance at such odds, so don’t get distracted by the insurance option and keep focused on winning the real game.

Blackjack tip nr 4 : Sit down at the right table.

Whether you’re playing at an online or offline casino, you should always sit down at the table that is right for you. Sit down at the table with the right stakes. Their minimum bet should not be your maximum bet. Especially beginners often make the grave mistake of playing above their bankroll, dramatically reducing their chances of staying in the game long enough to apply the complex strategies which will hail good results. The right table should also have the right people to accompany you. Make sure there are no intoxicated players at the table, or any other people who might cause a scene, as they will only distract you from card counting and slow down the game (thereby reducing your earning capacity as well as your focus).

Blackjack tip nr 5 : Tip your Dealer.

Surprised by this one? Tipping the dealer is the proper thing to do not just because dealers often work late at night and for very little pay, it also holds much advantage for you. A happy and friendly dealer tipped by you will certainly deliver you a more enjoyable game of Blackjack, and might just decide to shuffle the decks a little later (a crucial advantage for card counters). Some people believe in ‘dealer tells’ and read the dealers’ response when he views his hole card. Often these tells are much more telling when you’ve just tipped your dealer. An effective way to tip and make sure your dealer will have your interest at heart is to put his chips next to your wagering circle – essentially turning his tip into a side bet on your next hand. Try it and see how accommodating your next dealer instantly becomes!

Blackjack tip nr 6 : Learn a card counting system.

Scared? Don’t be! Card counting takes some practice, but it is easier than you might think. We provide clear explanations of the most common card counting systems that will help you increase your chances of winning and actually gain you an advantage over the house. Start off with the KO or Hi Lo card counting systems, which are not so difficult and will help you make more profitable decisions when playing Blackjack.

Blackjack tip nr 7 : Practice, practice, practice.

It is very easy nowadays to play Blackjack online and practice your basic strategy and card counting skills. You can play with playmoney, so there is no excuse not to improve your skills through exposure to the real thing. Try and see if you can apply the basic strategy while keeping up with the general pace of the game. Is this easy enough for you? Then try to practice card counting and find out how that works out for you.