Max Rubin

Max Rubin is a gambling expert and generally considered one of the best gambling events broadcast analysts. He is one of the most visible advocates of professional blackjack players. He has presented the World Series of Blackjack and co-hosted the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. The idea to pay tribute to the world’s leading figures in blackjack in a Blackjack Hall of Fame was Max Rubin’s invention. In the second year of the Hall of Fame’s existence, Rubin was voted in as a member himself.

Casino Comps

Max Rubin is the author of Comp City: A Guide to Free Gambling Vacations, a guide to exploiting casino comps. Comp City builds on Rubin’s experience as a dealer, pit boss and casino manager to demonstrate how even blackjack players who are not card counters can extract a profit from casinos by benefitting from weaknesses in casino comp systems to get free food and drinks, free accommodation, and even free airfare by creation the illusion of high action at the blackjack table.

Blackjack Ball

Rubin is also the inventive and fun-loving host of the annual Blackjack Ball, a top secret by-invitation only blackjack event for the best blackjack players. At the Blackjack Ball the most skilled players test their mastery of all kinds of aspects of the game – including thinking outside of the box – through various events. Arnold Snyder tells an amusing anecdote about an event where the players that had survived the previous rounds had to throw a playing card into a fish bowl. Snyder stood behind the ten foot line and sent his card spinning at the bowl. It shot right at the target, but at the last moment it tilted, fluttered and landed further from the bowl than he was standing. To his relief the next two contestants suffered a similar fate. The last contestant, Bradley Peterson, stepped up, took his card, shrugged, crumpled it into a small ball and casually tossed it into the bowl.

The Title of World’s Greatest Blackjack Player

At the Blackjack Ball the invitees – who must bring a comped bottle of first-class bubbly to get in – compete for the Blackjack Cup and the title of World’s Greatest Blackjack Player. They place hefty bets on and against one another’s chances of placing for and winning the cup. James Grosjean, as triple winner of the title and fearsome smart guy, has been barred from the action, requested to make the questions to the preliminary test instead of answering them, just to keep things interesting. Every year the invitees of the Blackjack Ball cast votes to determine who should be the next inductee into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.