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Fledgling FedEx Saved by Las Vegas Blackjack

FedEx saved by Las Vegas blackjack

With 140,000 employees and revenues of $35 billion (R 367 billion) it's almost inconceivable to think that FedEx, in its fledgling years, came very close to complete bankruptcy. What saved FedEx at a time when the company's checking account was at an all-time low? Las Vegas blackjack!

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Venetian and Palazzo introduce 6-to-5 payouts

Venetian and Palazzo's new 6-to-5 payout rule

The Las Vegas Sands company has put through the extremely unfavourable 6-to-5 payout rule at the Venetian and Palazzo casinos. Replacing the standard 3-to-2 payout for a natural blackjack with a 6-to-5 payout greatly damages a player's chances of walking out with a profit.

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Mixed Ruling for MIT Blackjack Player

Former MIT blackjack team member Laurie Tsao received a mixed ruling earlier this month after filing a civil complaint against Ceasars Entertainment for defamation and false arrest. Tsao visited Ceasars after receiving targeted offers of free rooms and an invite to the NCAA basketball tournament, despite a previous ban.

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Paid to Lose for a 10% Commission

Getting paid to lose at poker and blackjack? Sounds like an unlikely job description, but this is exactly what South Korean social gamblers called moneymen are paid to do in order to get around monthly legal limits on purchasing online gambling credit.

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Bet365 Introduces Mobile Tournament

Bet365 has just launched their new mobile blackjack tournaments app for smartphones. The blackjack tournament features a $1000 prize pool and more mobile tournament games are on the way in a bid to keep up with competitors.

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Another $2 Million Win For Johnson

Beast of Blackjack Don Johnson has just managed to up his winning total from over 17 million dollars to around 19 million with another 2 million win at the Tropicana this February. This news was later confirmed by Tropicana CEO Tony Rodio.

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Paris Hilton $30K Blackjack Win

Last weekend hotel heiress and reality show personality Paris Hilton celebrated her 31st birthday at XS nightclub and the blackjack tables of the Wynn Las Vegas resort, drinking, partying and... reeling in $30,000 in winnings. Talk about birthday luck...

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17.1 Million Dollar Winner

Zeljko Ranogajec may have been the Blackjack Hall of Fame inductee of 2011, but the most discussed pro of 2011 was undoubtedly the Beast of Blackjack, Atlantic City Assassin Don Johnson. Johnson's recent blackjack winnings are currently estimated to be around $17.1 million.

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New Professionals Page Up: Don Schlesinger

This week we've added a new professional blackjack players page to our selection, this time on blackjack pro and gaming mathematician Don Schlesinger, the author of Blackjack Attack: Playing the Pros' Way and the creator of the 'Illustrious 18', an abridged set of the most efficient card counting indices.

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New Section on Blackjack Hand Gestures

Today we've added a new page to our blackjack rules section, this time on blackjack hand signals. Never heard of a Nevada Deal or a London Deal and unsure about the accompanying gestures and rules on handling your cards in a brick-and-mortar casino? Check out this handy overview.

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